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MeldaProduction MAutoAlign

29.04 € MeldaProduction MAutoAlign (ESD); phase correction plugin; s imple to use phase correction suitable for multitrack record ings; based on delays and phase reverse; no filters in signa l path; Style ... Loe edasi

MeldaProduction MAutoVolume

59.29 € MeldaProduction MAutoVolume (ESD); leveller plugin; simple t o use automatic level correction suitable for vocals, solo i nstruments etc.; side-chain functionality; Style Editor allo ws to customiz... Loe edasi

MeldaProduction MBassador

95.60 € MeldaProduction MBassador (ESD); subbass plugin; simple to u se bass enhancer; refreshes the original bass; adds subbass and saturation optionally; Style Editor allows to customize the GUI; automat... Loe edasi

MeldaProduction MCreativeFXBundle

640.00 € MeldaProduction MCreativeFXBundle (ESD); plugin bundle; 31 e ffects for creative minds; comprehensive collection of plugi ns offers partly unique effects, mostly as multiband version s and with ver... Loe edasi

MeldaProduction MMasteringFXBundle

690.00 € MeldaProduction MMasteringFXBundle (ESD); plugin bundle; 21 effects for mastering tasks; comprehensive collection of pl ugins with partly multiband effects and versatile modulation options; Style E... Loe edasi

MeldaProduction MMixingFXBundle

640.00 € MeldaProduction MMixingFXBundle (ESD); plugin bundle; 28 eff ects for mixing tasks; comprehensive collection of plugins w ith partly multiband effects and versatile modulation option s; Style Edito... Loe edasi

MeldaProduction MMorph

173.00 € MeldaProduction MMorph (ESD); sound morphing plugin; allows to morph realtime between two input signals; detailed signa l editing with compression, tone, flattening, whitenning, ha rmonics, morphin... Loe edasi

MeldaProduction MMultiAnalyzer

71.39 € MeldaProduction MMultiAnalyzer (ESD); metering plugin; flexi ble multi metering suitable for multitrack analysis; versati le visualizations like spectrum analyzer, sonogram, collisio n, loudness an... Loe edasi

MeldaProduction MRhythmizerMB

120.00 € MeldaProduction MRhythmizerMB (ESD); creative plugin; sequen cer controlled sample, volume and filter effect on up to six frequency bands; step programming with variable curve shape s; real time MI... Loe edasi

MeldaProduction MTurboComp

221.00 € MeldaProduction MTurboComp (ESD); dynamics plugin; flexible compressor features various emulations of classic vintage g ear; simple user interface for fast adjustments incl. 14 cha rakteristics of ... Loe edasi

MeldaProduction MTurboEQ

173.00 € MeldaProduction MTurboEQ (ESD); equalizer plugin; easy to us e equalizer features various emulations of classic vintage g ear; simple user interface for fast adjustments incl. 11 cha rakteristics o... Loe edasi

MeldaProduction MUnison

120.00 € MeldaProduction MUnison (ESD); harmonizer plugin; up to 50 v oices enable versatile chorus, doubler, unison and harmonize r effects; editable pitch, formants, delays and stereo width ; chromatic, m... Loe edasi

MeldaProduction MWobbler

59.29 € MeldaProduction MWobbler (ESD); filter plugin; distorting filter, especially suitable for dubstep basses and creative sound design; offers 2 filters with 98 charakteristics each; extensive modulati... Loe edasi

MeldaProduction MXXX

1028.00 € MeldaProduction MXXX (ESD); modular multi effects plugin; mo st versatile and flexible multi effect processor with variab le routing and over 70 effects; up to 6 fully configurable i ndependent ban... Loe edasi

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