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Antares Articulator Evo

78.66 € Antares Articulator Evo (ESD); talkbox plugin; variable voice effect suitable for the classical talkbox sound as well as experimental effects; inputs for audio- and control signal; formant and ampl... Loe edasi

Antares Aspire Evo

66.55 € Antares Aspire Evo (ESD); special effect plugin; modifys a voice's breathiness independently of its harmonic content; analyzes a vocal in real time and separates the aspiration noise (breathiness) ... Loe edasi

Antares Auto-Key

59.29 € Antares Auto-Key (ESD); key and scale detection plugin; fast and easy detection of pitch and scale in real time; automatically detects the reference frequency; perfectly matches with Auto-Tune Acce... Loe edasi

Antares Auto-Tune Access

120.00 € Antares Auto-Tune Access (ESD); pitch correction plugin; sof tware for automatical real time correction of pitch and into nation; fast and easy pitch correction based on the algorith ms of Auto-Tun... Loe edasi

Antares Auto-Tune Pro

400.00 € Antares Auto-Tune Pro (ESD); pitch correction plugin; software for automatical or manual correction of pitch and intonation; second generation Evo voice processing technology; flex-tune natural rea... Loe edasi

Antares Auto-Tune Vocal Studio

640.00 € Antares Auto-Tune Vocal Studio (ESD); plugin bundle; software package for voice editing consists of 12 effects; contains Auto-Tune Pro, Harmony Engine Evo, Mic Mod EFX, MUTATOR Evo, Articulator Evo... Loe edasi

Antares AVOX 4

361.00 € Antares AVOX 4 (ESD); plugin bundle; software package for voice editing consists of 11 effects; contains Harmony Engine Evo, Mic Mod EFX, MUTATOR Evo, Articulator Evo, Warm, Aspire Evo, Throat Evo,... Loe edasi

Antares Choir Evo

77.45 € Antares Choir Evo (ESD); vocal effect plugin; generates between 4 and 32 unison voices to create a natural chorus effect on single vocal track; controls for Vibrato, Pitch and Timing to create rand... Loe edasi

Antares Duo Evo

77.45 € Antares Duo Evo (ESD); vocal effect plugin; automatically generates a doubled vocal part from an existing vocal; adjustable Vocal Range, Pitch and Timing Variation; controls for Vocal Timbre and Vi... Loe edasi

Antares Harmony Engine Evo

212.00 € Antares Harmony Engine Evo (ESD); vocal harmonizer plugin; offers four independent formant-corrected harmony voices with independent vocal character, vibrato, level and pan settings; five channels ... Loe edasi

Antares Mic Mod EFX

131.00 € Antares Mic Mod EFX (ESD); microphone modelling plugin; contains more than 100 historical classic and exotic modelled microphones; can add the tonal character of the selected microphone model; sele... Loe edasi

Antares Mutator Evo

77.45 € Antares Mutator Evo (ESD); vocal effect plugin; variable voice effect suitable for experimental sounds; Voice Design section offers pitch shifter and throat modelling; Mutate section contains 24 di... Loe edasi

Antares Punch Evo

66.55 € Antares Punch Evo (ESD); vocal maximizer plugin; simple to use dynamics tool especially for vocal tracks; combinates compression, gain, limiting, and overload protection; Gain, Impact and Ceiling c... Loe edasi

Antares Throat Evo

108.00 € Antares Throat Evo (ESD); vocal effect plugin; meticulously crafted physical model of the human vocal tract; a full set of different parameters like vocal range, throat lengt and width, breathiness... Loe edasi

Antares Warm

77.45 € Antares Aspire Evo (ESD); valve simulation plugin; easy-to-use simulation of the sonic effects of recording audio through a high-quality analog tube preamplifier; Velvet or Crunch mode for subtile ... Loe edasi

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