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Auralex Acoustics Gramma V2

120.00 € Auralex Acoustics Gramma V2, sound isolation riser, effective device used to float an amp or loudspeaker and yields nearly total acoustic sound isolation, resulting in a purity of tone, comes compl... Loe edasi

Auralex Acoustics MAX-Wall 1141VB Charcoal

1439.00 € Auralex Acoustics MAX-Wall 1141VB Charcoal - universal modular absorber walls, great broadband absorption, incredibly linear, set up your Max-Wall in minutes with no tools, contains 11 standard pan... Loe edasi

Auralex Acoustics MoPAD

36.30 € Auralex Acoustics MoPAD Isolation Pads - sonic isolation between your monitors and whatever they rest on, instantly improving the accuracy of your entire monitoring system. Max. speaker weight: 43.... Loe edasi

Auralex Acoustics Tubetak Pro Liquid

11.86 € Auralex Acoustics Tubetak Pro Liquid Glue, waterbased glue for Studiofoam and Diffusors (depending on their size), cartridge fits in regualr cartridge/sealant gun, lasts for ca. 3 qm

Auralex Acoustics U-Boat Floor Floaters

5.15 € Auralex Acoustics U-Boat Floor Floaters, specially-formulated rubber compound, isolate and decouple from the surrounding structure, a floated room features greatly improved transmission loss (isola... Loe edasi

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